Chicken and Wild Rice, Beets

Sunday BBQ, or broil in the oven, serve with wild rice (boxed) and beets (two cans). Estimated cost: chicken bone-in breasts (8.), wild rice (3.) and beets (2.) = $13.00

Bone-in chicken can be difficult to grill because it takes a while to cook thoroughly, yet can char or dry out if cooked for long periods. Be sure to have hot coals, marinate your chicken, and check often.

1. Marinate* chicken breasts for one to four hours in a salad dressing (example: 1/2c. oil, 1/4c. vinegar/lemon or lime juice, salt, pepper, and herbs of choice: I like rosemary, thyme and garlic).

2. For a charcoal grill, let 50 briquettes burn until covered with ash, about 30 minutes. Mound them to one side, and cook over the cleared area, using indirect heat.

3. Grill chicken skin side down, with closed grill, checking every ten minutes after the first 20 when you turn the chicken. Results will vary, but it takes me around an hour to grill bone-in breasts. Test for doneness by cutting into the center at the thickest point, the juices should run clear.

*cost included in stocked pantry items

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